6 Types of Facility Services You Need to Know

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There’s a reason why establishments today would rather engage or outsource facility services from providers than manage their own staff or team for maintenance work. calgarycleaning.com Facility services calgary is one of these companies tat offer an extensive range of services ready to lend an extra hand for establishments needing facility management. If you are looking into maintenance operations but unfamiliar with the kind of work that can be offered, here are some types you might be interested in:

  1. Cleaning or janitorial services

Cleaning services can be utilized both in residential and commercial spaces; it is the most basic yet most popular service as it is a necessity to keep spaces clean especially in areas that deal with consumer relations.


  1. HVAC or refrigeration systems

Installations and repairs need to be performed by licensed and trained technicians so as to safeguard the equipment and structure from further damage. Facility services can accommodate repairs ranging from window type air conditioners to even centralized systems.


  1. Fire and safety alarm systems

Fire and safety alarms are a key component in ensuring a building’s occupants is kept safe and aware of any possible danger. Facility services providers can look into upgrades needed in this system, apply maintenance work and even oversee that all components of the system from safety doors to detectors are in perfect shape.


  1. Electrical systems

Wirings and outlets are constantly being used by occupants, making it necessary to have a regular scheduled routine checkup to ensure that it will cause no short circuit that may lead to fire. It is therefore a necessity that maintenance operations are equipped with the knowledge of electrical systems. This type of service allows technicians to assess the current state of the electrical system and provide repairs should there be a need for any.


  1. Telephone utilities

For any business to be operational, communication lines should always be kept open. This type of facility service engages in routine checkups needed to keep the system running. It also encompasses internet and wireless connectivity, making it one of the most important service to consider if you are business that relies heavily on communication and networks.


  1. Special events

Aside from the normal services offered within the confines of a building, facility services providers also cater to special events that need to be held outdoors. They can provide chairs, sound systems, lighting, and podiums for the occasion. Usually, you only have to provide for the delivery services of all the equipments needed. This is a great option if you are planning outdoor events and would like to lessen the physical work involved. Instead of having to hire a different team for each item, you can opt to look into this service to have a more controlled management of the event.


These are only few of the services that can be utilized by business owners or proprietors. No matter how specific your need is, usually facility service providers have a solution to any problem you have. It is always a better option to engage in professional services than rely on simple maintenance work as it will guarantee a better preservation of your facility. Call your local service provider now and they’ll be more than happy to present you with a plan that will save you from future headaches.