YouthScape Lives On!

“YouthScape is living on in concept and practice, not in name,” says a Thunder Bay YouthScape partner in an update on their community engagement.

“We are continuing to work with an adult and youth steering committee to develop a youth strategy in Thunder Bay and the Youth Action Council that formed during YouthScape is worked with the youth and adult Steering Committee to host a 1.5 day community youth forum during youth week earlier this year.

The United Way of Thunder Bay used our past success in engaging youth in developing our first “Youth Granting Committee” that allocated $14,000 in United Way funds raised within the high school in Thunder Bay. The funds raised are going towards youth programs and services that have youth leadership roles in their development and implementation.

We still have contact with many of the youth who  participated in the YouthScape project and while some have moved on to new initiatives, they all look back fondly on their time with YouthScape.

All in all Thunder Bay is keeping the essence of YouthScape alive and well!”

YouthScape’s Practitioner Guidebook

Changing the Landscape: Involving Youth in Social Change is finally here!

This key document shares the knowledge and lessons learned from YouthScape through case studies, stories, activities, real life situations and practical recommendations.

It is a unique resourse for any individual or organization interested in involving youth in social change!

Changing the Landscape:Involving Youth in Social Change

Faire participer les jeunes au changement social:

Through case studies, stories, activities, real life lessons and practical recommendations, this Guidebook offers insights and tools to bring youth engagement to life in organizations and communities.

Five steps to change the landscape include:


If you are intrigued by the idea of engaging disengaged youth, this guide will be a valuable tool for you.

It is a must for:

• Practitioners doing front-line work with youth
• Organizations and local governements wanting to engage youth
• Youth leaders seeking new approaches and ideas

Read Changing the Landscape: Involving Youth in Social Change online!

Why Hire Professional Window Cleaning Services

windocleaningcalgaryIf you’ve ever tried cleaning the windows of your home or property, then you know just how difficult window cleaning is as you often always end up with streaks and smudges after you’re done cleaning.  There are even times that the windows look far worse than when you’ve started cleaning them.  For any commercial business, this type of dirty window is unacceptable as they give out the wrong impression to potential clients.

Aside from having experienced the difficult of cleaning windows, do you or any of your employees even have the time to do this type of job?  If all of your employees are on desk jobs, then it is likely that they too would not know how to properly clean windows.  When it comes to window cleaning, whether it is for commercial or residential, you can rely on professional window cleaning services as these people really know what to do when it comes to window cleaning.  After all, window cleaning is their trade.

There are actually three things you need to know about professional window cleaning services:

  1. Their services are a lot more affordable – it is common to think that hiring the services of professional crews to do work for you will cost you a lot of money. However, the thing is that when it comes to professional window cleaning, their service fee isn’t really all that bad. If you were to build a cleaning crew yourself for the business that you have, you will need to buy a lot of equipment for the crew who will do the cleaning.  Aside from this, you will also have to consider their regular salary.  If you hire professional window cleaners, their company will supply all the tools they need to accomplish the job.
  2. They can do a better job at window cleaning – since window cleaning is their trade, it is likely that they will do a far better job doing window cleaning than those who are not experienced to doing this type of job. Additionally, their experience means they can also tackle any type of difficult involving window cleaning, such as heights.
  3. They are always available – although you will not be always be able to get their services at any time you like, Calgary Window Cleaning services will be able to schedule window cleaning services at your place within 3 days. Since their services are always in demand, you have the assurance that they are trustworthy, responsible, and honest in the work that they do which is the very reason why many trust them in regards to window cleaning.

Catering Calgary: Is the catering business for you?

What is cooking food for you? Is it a form of art wherein you can express yourself? Does it provide you with the overwhelming feeling of true joy and satisfaction? If you’ve got the heart for cooking and the real love to eating delicious foods, then you must give getting into catering calgary business a thought. It must have crossed your mind a couple of times before, but you never took it seriously. After all, you never saw yourself cooking for a great number of people.

And yet you stop to think about the time and effort you put into cooking for family and friends. You think about the number of good people you feed with deliciously cooked food every Sunday. And then it dawned on you that maybe if there not really satisfied of what you prepared for them, they would not really come back every week to get a taste of your specialty. Could this be the perfect time to make your passion for cooking into a business venture?

If you are wondering how you can start a catering business from home, here are a few good ideas to help you with.

First, find your niche in the market. There have been numerous caterers in town and they have got years and years of experience to offer. What will set your catering business apart from all these established caterers?

Second, be humble in your beginnings and everything else will fall right into place. Do not be afraid to offer lunch packs and cater to small business meetings. These small beginnings are always a good start for something great.

Third, investment in good equipment and keep in contact with good suppliers in town. Buying in bulk and at one time could get you great discounts. If you are going for something that has the local flavour, a trip to your favourite supermarket or local store could get you the ingredients and the equipment that you need.

The passion to create delicious cuisine and the drive to turn it into a business venture should help you power your catering business from home. Unlike popular belief, catering businesses do not start with a huge kitchen with a pantry that practically has everything. This business opportunity has got its small beginnings but bright future ahead.

Keeping Your Home Budget Friendly

Being a home owner is not an easy task especially when the time for bills and other expenses need to be paid for, but it is an inevitable must that needs to be done even despite the constant nagging stresses that appears on our bank account.

wall-house-living-space-9What is great about keeping a home these days though is the ability to turn what seems to be costly and make it into one that is still very stylish and homey yet with a friendly price that everyone can truly afford.

Quality over Quantity

Seeing some of the amazing homes on magazines and television can be overwhelming at times and all the more when comparing these homes to that of your own – yes, it can be very frustrating at times especially when you realize that you should be having some fixtures and furniture that you see.

Keep in mind that not all homes are created equal and what you see as a trend does not necessarily follow through to be a good addition to your home, so always consider the quality that an additional item can contribute to your home before deciding to expand the number that is already present.

Function over Form

Keeping a home looking great does not necessarily mean that all the necessary functions are pout in to place, think for example most kitchen and bathroom renovations these days that ultimately focus on great aesthetics but at times may not resolve particular issues for a household.

As a home owner always consider how particular fixtures, furniture, arrangements and even appliances are able to let the entire home become one that is not just beautiful looking but is also able to provide you with all of the best functions that is important for the entire family.

Needs over Wants

Ultimately being able to keep tabs with a particular budget as well as become more mindful with the finances and expenditures of a household depends on the ability of an individual or an entire family to recognize what is needed in a home and what are wants that could be reserved for a time when there is enough money left in the budget.

Creating a home with an environment that is not only lovely looking but is also visibly spacious, pleasant and can accommodate all daily necessities like enough sleep, a scrumptious meal as well as entertainment and recreation should always be a priority and at the top of the list for homeowners more than anything else.